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Oh, Hanley! Marlins' Ramirez hustles into OF, makes great throw

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A hustling Hanley Ramirez(notes) made the kind of play Thursday night that makes people go, "That's why he's my favorite ballplayer."

And, yes, that was "hustling" and "Hanley" in the same breath.

Ramirez, the Florida Marlins' star shortstop, alertly backed up outfielder Logan Morrison(notes) on a ball that bounced off the tall left-field fence and into no-man's land at Sun Life Stadium, during the fourth inning.

After retrieving the ball in left-center, Ramirez made a long and accurate one-hop throw to third, cutting down Philadelphia's Carlos Ruiz(notes), who was trying to stretch a double into a triple.

Ramirez's effort helped to keep a scoreless tie, though the Fish would lose under frustrating circumstances in 10 innings.

Watch Hanley do his thing

The first thing that comes to mind is ... wow.

Early in the replay, Ramirez can be seen turning and running as soon as the ball flies over his head. He figures that Morrison, who is new to left field, might have trouble. Ramirez also beat center fielder Cody Ross(notes) to the ball; there's no way either outfielder throws out Ruiz.

Oh, and the second thing that comes to mind: Hanley lollygagging on a ball back in May — when Fredi Gonzalez was still managing the Fish.

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If you recall, Ramirez jogged after a blooper he at first misplayed, turning the moment into an unfunny comedy of errors. Ramirez's manager confronted him in the dugout and removed him from the game.

Ramirez responded by whining that Gonzalez wasn't a major leaguer, so what did he know? Hanley would regret his words, probably no more than when the Marlins fired Gonzalez.

It was a low point in a sparkling young career. It was infuriating.

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But what he did against the Phillies was closer to inspiring.

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