Your official 'Will Saturday's Game 3 be rained out?' post

October 25, 2008

As rain threatens the playing of Game 3 of the World Series, 'Duk will check in with updates from Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia as he receives them. Check out the Philly weather here:

5:40 p.m. ET — I arrived at CBP about 45 minutes ago and had to walk from the parking lot through a little-heavier-than-normal drizzle. The rain has tapered off in the past 15 minutes or so, but the wind is still very strong and the moisture in the air is being blown sideways. The pressbox consensus seems to be that MLB will do everything to get the game played so the schedule stays straight. However, the tarp is likely to stay on the field for some time and it'll take awhile for everything to get going. With first pitch about three hours away, I do not envy the CBP grounds crew tonight.

6:19 — They just turned the lights on at the field and a couple of Rays are practicing warmup throws in left field. It's still raining, though, and the current pressbox rumor is that MLB is making its decision on whether or not it will postpone or delay the game. Stay tuned.

6:47 — Nothing new to report, but I just had a thought: Wouldn't a World Series day-night doubleheader be awesome? Since Fox owns the rights to the NFL and since it'd be asking a lot of the team's bullpens and catchers, it would never happen of course. Still, tell me you wouldn't love to see that just once.

8:05 — It's still raining at a good clip, so the game obviously won't be starting on time. MLB has still not announced anything — not even an estimated starting time — but if you look at this forecast, things don't look so good. However, our own Gordon Edes just ran into Bud Selig in the concourse and was told, "We're going to be fine." Take that for what it's worth, though workers are still squeegeeing bucket after bucket of water from the tarp. Right now, the only winner is Penn State, which won't have viewers siphoned away from their tilt with Ohio State.

9:03 — Just got back from a walk around an absolutely packed concourse. There are few Rays fans here, but the ones that are here are getting an absolute earful from Phillies fans. Everyone's just waiting for the game to start, but that still looks a ways off.

9:18 — The grounds crew is currently pulling off the tarp and getting rid of the excess water, even though it continues to rain semi-heavily. Still no word of an official start time.

9:31 — The tarp remains off and the grounds crew is spreading quick dry all over the areas around first, second and third base. A few members of the Phillies bullpen reported to their center field home, drawing the biggest cheers of the night. It's still raining and there's a stiff wind blowing from left to right, though.

9:38 — Tampa Bay starter Matt Garza just trotted out to center field to the first big boos of the night. He's stretching in front of group of hecklers. Brave man, that Matt Garza.

9:41 — Has someone already made a "How is Jamie Moyer going to stay up this late?" joke? 'Cause I'll do the honors if need be.

9:42 — Finally! First pitch is coming at 10 p.m officially. Let's play some ball.

10:06 — First pitch. For the books, that was officially a 1 hour, 31 minute rain delay.