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Now there's a report claiming Griffey was crying in the clubhouse

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As if this entire Ken Griffey sleeping soap opera wasn't sad enough, there's a report that all the drama made Junior violate the old "there's no crying in baseball" rule.

Jimmy Dugan must be shaking his head somewhere because, according to ESPN's Tim Kurkijan, Griffey got emotional as his Seattle Mariners tried to figure out which players had broke rank and told a reporter earlier this week that Griffey was sleeping in the clubhouse when his team needed him to pinch hit.

Griffey and Manager Don Wakamatsu denied that report before Tuesday's game in Baltimore.


A club source said the meeting was organized by Mike Sweeney(notes) and "was 100 percent about Griffey" and was designed to support Griffey.

The source said that Griffey was upset and hurt by the story and cried briefly during the meeting. Sweeney chastised the anonymous young players for speaking about something that had happened in the clubhouse, according to the source.

I know 40 is up there in ballplayer years, but it still seems a bit early for Griffey to alternate between naps and crying jags. The next thing you know, he'll go all Del Boca Vista by demanding that the Mariners eat dinner at 3:30 p.m. and travel everywhere by golf cart.

On a non-jokey note, it's easy to understand why Griffey is upset. Sweeney is threatening stitches to snitches and Cliff Lee(notes) is trying to blackball Larry LaRue of the Tacoma News Tribune because he wrote the anonymously sourced story that started this all. The sanctity of the clubhouse is one of the values held most dear across Major League Baseball and the Mariners can't be happy that two of their teammates allegedly violated that trust while creating a big media controversy in the process.

Still, it's sad to see Griffey's career coming to an end in such a manner. And when I think about how he could have went out a winner last season while riding high on his teammate's shoulders, I get a bit teary myself. Maybe I'll just go buy a pair of his sweet new shoes and make us both feel better.

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