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No more room-service hops for Joe Crede, now of the Twin Cities

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My Spring Swing continues after scooting south, along Florida's Gulf Coast, to relatively chilly (63 degrees, windy and rainy) Ft. Myers. There, Hammond Stadium is the spring home of the Twins and the springboard to Joe Crede's Comeback Tour '09.

Crede, a Scott Boras client who puts a pen to contract and actually signs his name, had surgery after last season to (hopefully) fix chronic back problems. They plagued his otherwise pleasant and often thrilling experience with the White Sox, who said good-bye when Crede became a free agent.

The biggest unknown for Crede isn't whether his back will hold up on the parking lot with a carpet they call a playing surface inside the Metrodome. It's not whether he'll reach his bonuses on an heavily incentive-laden contract. It's not whether the Piranhas will get him.

It's what to eat in the Twin Cities.

Chicago is home to the world's best pizza, beef sandwiches, New York-quality steak, along with extensive Latino and Asian grub. Few cities can rival its culinary variety and quality.

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The gravy train is over for Crede, who has moved to the Land of Dairy Queen. Sure, they treat you right, but man cannot survive on Blizzard alone.

"I didn’t get a chance to get out much when we played there, in Minneapolis-St. Paul, anyways," Crede said. "But I’m sure there’s a lot of great places to eat. I just don't know.

"I'm a room-service guy."

Unless he plans to go Rick Majerus and move into a Radisson, that won't help him anymore.

What are Crede's options? Do Twins fans know where one can get edible pizza, or a steak without hoofs still in it? A taco?

Or will Crede's stomach suffer as much as some fear his back might?

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