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Nick Swisher’s ‘BRO-HIO’! Indians rename section of Progressive Field for kitschy phrase

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Though he grew up in next-door West Virginia, Nick Swisher has many ties to Ohio and has tried to make his time with the Cleveland Indians something of a homecoming. The results have been mixed so far, but the Indians are in first place and Swisher is in a good position to put up his usual stats by season's end, if he stays healthy. He's also tried to endear himself to Cleveland fans by wearing T-shirts animated with Aviator sunglasses that say things like "BRO-H-I-O," which plays off his fraternity party handshake/slap-hug personality. As in, "Hey, bro, I'm Nick Swisher, chairman of the rush committee, darned glad to meet ya'!"

Because nobody is more "bro" than Nick Swisher — as Travis Miller of the MLB Fan Cave noted in June — the Indians rightly are going to exploit his quirks:

No way, bro! Way! And there's more, bro:

The first 100 purchases, anyway. (Not available on certain nights, bro.) So get 'em while you can, bros.

Editor's note: An earlier version of this post implied that Swisher wasn't born in Ohio; He was — in Columbus. But he grew up out of state.

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