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News & Notes: Brewers continue to occupy Pirates' galleon

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A few quick items to peruse while slowly walking down the hall, faster than a cannonball ...

• So why is manager Ken Macha wearing a smile straight off a truckstop lottery winner? Because his Brewers have 10 games left this season against the Pirates, of course. With their four-run ninth-inning comeback on Monday, the Crew has now won 16 straight games over Pittsburgh, the longest active streak since the D'Backs won a sweet 16 over the Reds from 2001-03. Milwaukee can top that total with a win in tonight's finale of the strange two-game set that everyone seems to be playing to start this week.

It's great to ooh and ahh over the focused dominance of the Brewers, but consider the other side, won't you? Says our Pirates pal Pat Lackey:

"Someday we're going to beat the Brewers. And it's going to be awesome."

[Where Have You Gone, Andy Van Slyke?]

Day Baseball! Giants at Cubs 2:20 ET With Tim Lincecum taking the mound for San Fran and the Cubs going for their fourth straight win and the Chi City weather forecast looking good, I've made an executive decision on The Stew: It's time to take a half-day, head down to Wrigley, scalp a really good seat, buy the peanuts that are cheaper on the outside and enjoy a baseball game, Ferris-style. Don't worry, though, I've arranged for the Yahoo! Sports robots to autoschedule a few posts, so if it weren't for the updates I'll be posting on my Twitter feed, you'd never even know I was gone.

• In wake of Denise Richards' warbling, here's a list of the worst singers to ever sing Take Me Out To The Ballgame. My favorite has always been Steve "Mongo" McMichael ripping through the tune and then threatening bodily harm to the umpiring crew below. [CLTV]

Day Baseball! Indians at Blue Jays, 12:37 Toronto pitching prospect Brett Cecil is so new to the bigs that he doesn't even have a Yahoo! Sports mugshot yet. Regardless, he'll make his major league debut today at Rogers Center.

• It seems like the nation is catching on to the brilliance of Zack Greinke, but are the fine folk of Kansas City? Only 21,843 fans were on hand for last night's domination of the White Sox, though I have to give those who were there a lot of credit. Their cheering made Kauffman seem a lot fuller during those few final innings. [Yahoo! Sports]

• Have we started a Curse of Evening Shade? Early on Monday evening, we made mention of how well Kyle Lohse has been pitching this season. He then went out against the Phillies and had his worst performance of the season, giving up a grand slam to Ryan Howard that led to this cause-and-effect BLS photo below. [Big League Stew]

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• There was another "Only in New York" scene in the Bronx last night as hundreds of Yankees fans who say security told them the game was canceled went berzerk after being denied while trying to get back into the Stadium. [NYDN]

Day Baseball! Astros at Nationals, 12:35 How bad has it gotten in Houston? "After a loss like last night's though, I couldn't help but be frustrated. There are very few teams that I feel the Astros should consistently beat. The Nationals are one such team." [Crawfish Boxes]

• Over in Cincinnati, some eagle-eyed Reds fans have noticed that their rotation of Aaron Harang, Bronson Arroyo, Edinson Volquez, Micah Owings and Johnny Cueto makes up a pretty awesome H.A.V.O.C. acronym. Unforuntantely, there's a good chance that Owings' performance and Homer Bailey could ruin everything. [OMGReds]

Day Baseball! Orioles at Rays, 4:08, Rangers at Mariners, 4:10 Matt Garza and Koji Uehara start the early-bird dinner special game down in St. Petersburg, while the resurgent Erik Bedard gets the nod in the Emerald City.

• Why won't Bud Selig let us fans have any fun with that popcorn video? [Bugs & Cranks]

• Speaking of Selig, the commissioner will address the graduating classes from the University of Wisconsin eight years too late for this Badger. Hey, if you had to sit through the no-name Dr. Snooze who addressed my gathering, you would wish you'd have seen Selig, too. [BBTF]

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