Ned Yost surrounded by security guards at Kansas City Chiefs practice

David Brown
May 29, 2013

Ned Yost can't stop making news! If he's not tending his garden or threatening to spank his underachieving players, the manager of the Kansas City Royals is going for a jog where he apparently does not belong.

Yost laughed off being surrounded by security guards Tuesday after he wandered into a restricted area near Arrowhead Stadium trying to check out Kansas City Chiefs practice. Oh, no, sir. Not on Andy Reid's watch! has the details:

"I ran today and almost got arrested for a taking a peek at the Chiefs doing their minicamp. They surrounded me with their security," Yost said good-naturedly. "I'm not going to sell any secrets."

Well, NFL teams are notoriously guarded about their practice activities, and this area, unknown to Yost, happened to be off-limits.

"Hey, I just wanted to see what was going on," Yost told the security guards. "They said, 'Well, you can't be here, it's closed.'"

The Royals and Chiefs share the Truman Sports Complex, and Yost has been manager since 2010, but that doesn't mean he's automatically recognized around town, or anything. Regardless, Yost has taken precautions in the past to remain under the radar, even calling himself "Frank" at Starbucks when going for coffee and biscotti. Obviously, this tactic backfired. He had to come out as manager of the Royals, and he had to do it now, if he wanted to avoid getting tasered by Chiefs security.

So Yost made the brave choice: He identified himself, which was dangerous, given the Royals poor record this season. But not only did security ease up and recognize Yost, they gave him an "Oh, hi, Ned, how's it going?" Oh, sure. Now he's your pal.

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Bob Dutton of the Kansas City Star wrote that "Yost made it clear that he found the incident to be amusing," but I like to think he harbors some resentment. Not necessarily for being unknown at firsr, but for not being permitted anywhere he darn well pleases.

"Three runs scored per game, a 10-game losing streak at Kauffman Stadium," he might have said to himself, "and now this crud with jogging?! Why can't I have it all like Bruce Bochy?"

Yost did not mention if he picked up any good ideas about special teams, or corporal punishment, from the Chiefs. And he's not ever going to tell.

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