Nate McLouth falls into crowd to make a great catch, gets a beer tossed at him afterward

Mike Oz
May 24, 2013

You know you're on the road when you go barreling into the stands to make a great catch, get up, climb back on the field and a fan throws a beer at you. Right, Nate McLouth?

The Baltimore Orioles left fielder risked injury Thursday night falling into the stands at the Rogers Centre in Toronto — home to some of baseball's most raucous fans. Perhaps upset that McLouth made the catch or perhaps just seizing an opportunity to look like an idiot, a fan then tossed a beer at McLouth. It didn't hit him, but it definitely caught his attention.

There's a contingent of Jays fans who maintain that McLouth dropped the ball when he went into the stands but pretended like he caught it, thus deserving the beer drenching. Regardless, it was ruled a catch on the field.

"No class whatsoever," Orioles TV commentator Jim Palmer quipped after the beer toss.

Hard to argue with that.

For the second time this week, we'll consult the beer-price chart to see just how much money fans are wasting by tossing beers. In Toronto, a small beer costs $7.34 (is that a Canada thing?) That's the fifth-highest price in the league.

At least Nate McLouth can take solace in knowing that a fan was willing to sacrifice an overpriced beer to try to soak him.

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