Week 16 NFL rewind:

David Brown

Mr. Tejada goes to Washington, pleads guilty to lying to Congress

David Brown
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A wonderful week for Major League Baseball continued Wednesday with the news that Astros infielder Miguel Tejada pleaded guilty to charges of lying to Congress about the use of performance-enhancing drugs within his sport.

It's a misdemeanor, and he could get a year in jail, but he is expected to get less time, or no time plus probation. The Stew posted the charges in greater detail yesterday.

To recap the past few days: the game's premier player, Alex Rodriguez, admitted to using steroids after someone illegally leaked his name from a list of 104 players who tested positive for PEDs; Tejada, a former MVP, lies to Congress.

Then there's the mind-blowing Roberto Alomar story, which at least has no steroids.

Same goes for former No. 1 overall pick Matt Bush, who simply beat up some teen-age lacrosse players in a drunken, expletive-filled rage, allegedly.

What's next? Federal charges for Roger Clemens? (Yes, probably.)

If there really is no such thing as bad publicity, this is the best week in the history of baseball.

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