Morning Juice: Padres win, keep Peavy, bring back Tony Gwynn!

David Brown
May 22, 2009
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This and every weekday a.m. during baseball season, let's rise and shine together to recap the most recent diamond doings. Roll Call starts at PETCO Park, where the Padres roared back to relevance with a trifecta of fun that made healthy, for a day, their sickly franchise.

Game of the Day
Padres 3, Giants 2

It's German for "Whale's Vagina": In the morning, Jake Peavy(notes) appeared on his way to the White Sox in a trade. By midday, the only person on the team to be traded was Jody Gerut(notes), who went to the Milwaukee for Tony Gwynn(notes)! ... (Junior). By dusk, Peavy announced a decision to exercise his no-trade clause, probably keeping him in San Diego for at least a couple of more weeks. With the stars out, the Padres scored two in the bottom of the ninth to steal one from their northern California guests. Have a day, San Diego!

Pull out: Instead of moving out of town, Peavy will make his scheduled start at PETCO against the Cubs tonight. Here's the Stew's rundown on the Jake Peavy/White-Sox denouement. The Padres will have to trade him at some point, if they are to make with the rebuilding.

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Tony! Tony! Tony!: In a trade that must be for public-relations value — fans can't be bought so easily — the Padres moved Jody Gerut to the Brewers for Li'l Tony Gwynn. Losing the enigmatic and oft-injured Gerut ain't a big deal, but Gwynn is the kind of player who probably would still be in the minors were it not for his famous dad. He did draw a key walk in the ninth-inning comeback, which, hey.

In it to win it: The real fun began in bottom of the ninth, after the Giants scored a go-ahead run against — gasp! — Heath Bell(notes).

Brian Wilson (dead) has had a rough past six appearances — two blown saves and two "L's". Wilson hit David Eckstein(notes) with the bases loaded, then the Mr.-Clean-shaven Scott Hairston(notes) (putting the equally bald Kevin Kouzmanoff(notes) in a head lock above), won it with an RBI single. Six wins in a row for the Padres, which obscures their holes: LF, CF, RF, 3B, SS, 2B, SP Nos. 3-4-5, RP Nos. 2-3-4-5-6-7.

In all, the best day in franchise history since Kurt Bevacqua.

Timmy Report: Ten strikeouts, no decision for Lincecum.

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Feelin' Rundown (also a list of teams Jake Peavy might be traded to):

Twins 20, White Sox 1: Nobody already on the Sox's staff wants to pitch for them, either. Ties for the biggest lopsided loss in team history. Sox pride.

"I hope Peavy didn't watch the scoreboard today. He might say no," Ozzie Guillen said before the final decision came down.

Cardinals 3, Cubs 1: Albert turns out the lights on the Big Mac sign in St. Louis and Adam Wainwright(notes) dominates, enabling a sweep for the Birds of Redness.

"It's cool doing things like that," Pujols said. "But you know what, you take a home run no matter what, and to take the lead early it's big."

Yeah, but are you gonna pay for the sign, Albert?

The Cubs offense has been so sickly, especially with Aramis Ramirez(notes) injured, that Lou is pondering moving Alfonso Soriano. No, not to the middle of the order, but to second base where he averaged 21 errors a season back in the day. With Soriano at second, the club could put born DH Micah Hoffpauir(notes) in left field, where his leaky glove wouldn't squeak as much.

"Let's just keep that in the back of our heads, nothing more, nothing less," Piniella said. "Maybe that was a 3:30-in-the-morning thought last night."

Oh, Lou. Don't feed the media like that. He probably regrets mentioning the possibility already.

* * *

Brewers 4, Astros 3: I watched the play with Lance Berkman(notes) sliding (VIDEO) and being called out 10 times. I'm pretty sure he was safe, that he slapped home plate with a hand before catcher Jason Kendall(notes) tagged him with the ball. But I can see how umpire Delfin Colon makes the "out" call, too, based on his own angle.

I don't understand the timing of Colon tossing out Berkman for arguing, because he should have thrown him out seconds earlier after Berkman threw down his helmet.

Cecil Cooper, livid, also was blunt afterward: "Tonight, overall, we got shafted by some poor umpiring," Cooper said. "It was a bad job of umpiring."

Would you like to pay that fine with a check, or credit card, Mr. Cooper?

At least Coop double-checked the lineup card this time.

Yankees 7, Orioles 4: Aubrey Huff(notes) goes too far by doing a cruel impression of Joba Chamberlain(notes) limping around after Adam Jones(notes) hit a liner off Joba's knee. I'm totally kidding about Huff; he did no such thing. That we saw. ... Nine in a row for New Yawk.

Phillies 12, Reds 5: Raul Ibanez(notes) has gone Full Metal Pujols on us as he nears age 37. He has 15 home runs and 40 RBIs — to lead the NL — and is batting .349. Might be an improvement over Pat the Bat.

Tigers 4, Rangers 3: Jim Leyland having flashbacks to Livan Hernandez(notes) in 1997, allowing Edwin Jackson(notes) to throw 132 pitches because "he's a warrior" and "deserved to be out there." It worked out in '97 and it worked out here, but yeesh, it's a little soon to be flooring it.

Nationals 5, Pirates 4: Denied their first four-game sweep since 2006, the Pirates probably won't have a better chance at one this season. ... Ryan Zimmerman(notes) extended his on-base streak to 39 games, which just ain't as cool as a 39-game hitting streak no matter how it's sliced.

Rays 6, Athletics 5: Three pinch-hit homers already for Ben Zobrist(notes). The AL record, set by Joe Cronin in 1943, is five.

Dallas Braden(notes) RIPS the great state of Florida after a power outage at Tropicana delayed the game for nearly 20 minutes in the bottom of the first.

"I was bitter to quite [honest] about it," Braden said. "There's not much you can really do when the lights go out. Played catch, tried not to get struck by lightning or whatever was going on out there. Nice state, Florida."

Like the fan in "Slap Shot" screams, "That's what you're paid for, Braden!"

D-backs 4, Marlins 3: Mark Reynolds(notes) hit a go-ahead homer against Marlins reliever Cristhian Martinez. That's not a misspelling on his first name, either, which means he can join Chris Jakubauskas(notes) on the All Pronounce-His-Name-Like-Daffy-Duck-Would-For-Cheap-Laughs First Team.

Indians 8, Royals 3: Massive FAIL for the Royals bullpen after Greinke left. They did their best impression of the Indians' pen, which was actually OK in relief of Carl Pavano(notes). Carl Pavano, folks. Not great, but three earned with eight strikeouts over six innings. Best pitcher in baseball with a 6.10 ERA (and dropping). Tellin' ya'.

Greinke was really hard on himself, by the way:

"I just wasn't real crisp. It was really stupid pitching for that whole inning probably," Greinke said of the third inning. "I started throwing two-seamers to get ground balls and it's not really how I pitch. I got behind on everyone because I was throwing the two-seamer. It was just stupid, really stupid."

Easy, Zaxxon! Personally, I think all Earthlings are stupid people with stupid minds. Stupid, stupid!

Rockies 9, Braves 0: Aaron Cook(notes) was so good, catcher Chris Iannetta(notes) said, "I didn't need to show up today." I seriously doubt the Rox win this game with no catcher. Would the umpire have caught Cook, just to keep the game moving? Would Todd Helton(notes) and Garrett Atkins(notes) have helped Cook chase down all of the wild pitches? Would Cook have thrown strikes every time just so the Braves would put the ball in play? Should I not take Iannetta so literally?

Red Sox 5, Blue Jays 1: Pretty disappointing trip to Boston for the Jays, but I looked up Tampa Bay's first series in Boston in '08 and the Rays got swept, too.

"I don't think anybody in this clubhouse is happy," Blue Jays manager Cito Gaston said. "We certainly have to put this behind us and move on and go down to Atlanta and see if we can play a little better baseball."

No homers for Papi today, but he did hit an RBI grounder and hit a foul ball off his foot, which helped produce this photo Ow.

Angels 3, Mariners 0: Five and fly for Erik Bedard(notes). Worst. Ace. Ever. ... A trio of solo homers for Juan Rivera(notes), Gary Mathews Jr. and Howie Kendrick(notes). Juan, Gary and Howie. Let's start them a boy band.