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Morning Juice: Marlins hit the deck, come back with 10-run 8th

Big League Stew

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This and every weekday a.m. during baseball season, let's rise and shine together to recap the most recent diamond doings. Roll Call starts in the desert, where the Fish were floppin' around, not lookin' too good (especially pitcher Burke Badenhop(notes)), after getting down seven runs in the fifth inning.

Game of the Day

Marlins 14, D-backs 7

Big Fish down: An awful-looking night for the Marlins only seemed to get worse after Arizona's Gerardo Parra(notes) hit a line drive off Badenhop's left knee (VIDEO). After a few scary moments, Badenhop got up and seemed to be OK. His teammates, down 7-0 at the end of five, soon would pick themselves up, too.

A pinch of this: The Marlins scored three in the sixth and one in the seventh, but really got swimming in the eighth. They sent 14 men to the plate with three pinch hitters — Ross Gload(notes), Hanley Ramirez(notes) and Brett Carroll(notes) — each batting twice.

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Gload went 0-for-2 with two RBIs in the inning, but Carroll's first at-bat was the biggest, a three-run homer against Scott Schoeneweis(notes), to give the Marlins an 8-7 lead. So happy were the Fishies, infielder Jorge Cantu(notes) (right) got to molesting Carroll in the dugout. Oh, don't worry, it was friendly molestation. Keep watching until the very end (VIDEO).

Eventually, they amped it up to the biggest inning in team history and snapped the D-backs' five-game winning streak (who knew?).

He'll get in the pool witcha': Watch the play the fan makes on Jeremy Hermida's(notes) home run (VIDEO).

* * *

Feelin' Rundown (also keep Cantu away from these guys during dugout celebrations):

Cardinals 5, Brewers 1: This was a contest until Manny Parra(notes) left. Manny, where ya' goin', bud? Brewers bullpen — stinky.

The answer has to do with bad luck and lack of run support, but it's still strange that Joel Pineiro(notes) leads the league in losses, yet has two shutouts, three complete games and an ERA of 3.20.

Giants 9, Padres 3: Timmy flirts with a no-hitter for six innings, but it only wanted his money so he kicked that gold digger to the curb!

"That leaves a bitter taste in my mouth, of course," said Lincecum, whose scoreless streak reached 29 games.

"I think he could throw one," catcher Bengie Molina(notes) said of a no-hitter possibility. "It could happen any time."

Still, he won his 10th and sets up well to start the All-Star Game on Tuesday.

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Rays 3, Blue Jays 2: Joe Maddon instructed pitching coach Jim Hickey to skip the scouting reports with David Price(notes), instead letting the left-hander rely on his pitching intuition. Jedi bingo! The Rays sweep the series, beating Darth Halladay in the finale.

"There are certain moments when you really want to walk away from it and just permit your instincts" to take over, Maddon said.

Maddon's like a latter-day Ben Kenobi, advising Luke Skywalker to lower the blast shield over his eyes, let go of his conscious self and act on instinct.

Price has taken his first step into a larger world. Hmm, looks like we're coming up on Alderaan.

Phillies 9, Reds 6: When did Jayson Werth(notes) get 20 homers? Home runs each of the past four games will do that. No home run for Micah Owings(notes), though he did allow one.

Yankees 6, Twins 4: The Yankees' bullpen comes up huge again. Relief is the hardest thing to predict, but New York's has been exceptional, and it's a big reason they're winning.

The Bronx has something over the Twinkies — it's won 18 of 24 against 'em.

Dodgers 11, Mets 2: Looking to change his luck, left-hander Randy Wolf(notes) switches from No. 21 to 43 — what he wore with the Phillies in the old days. And 6 1/3 innings later, Wolf was in line for his fourth victory.

"There's not a baseball player that's not superstitious," Wolf said. "And if they tell you they're not, they're lying."

The Dodgers drew 25 walks in the three-game series. That's nuts.

Indians 10, White Sox 8: The Tribe was bracing itself to blow a 9-2 lead, but the bullpen actually came through and turned back a surge. Tony Sipp(notes), that friend of ours from back east, picked up the win. Kerry Wood(notes) even got a four-out save.

Let's all reverse Clayton Richard's(notes) names until he starts pitching better. Shush, here he comes!

Nationals 11, Astros 10 (11 inn. — completion of suspended game)

Astros 9, Nationals 4:

The first game passed through different dimensions. After a rain delay of 65 days and 1,400 miles, the Nationals took all of 7 minutes to beat the Astros in game one. Joel Hanrahan(notes) picked up the victory, even though he's on the Pirates now. Nyjer Morgan(notes) scored the winning run, even though he wasn't on the Nats when the game started, in D.C., on May 5.

It reminds me of the story Bob Costas tells about the old ABA star Marvin Barnes. The team flight went from Kentucky to Missouri, or something like that, and changed time zones, so on the ticket it said: Departs 6:05 p.m., arrives, 5:55 p.m.

So Barnes goes, "Ain't no way they're getting me on no time machine."

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Royals 8, Red Sox 6: KC knocks the Red Sox out of sole possession of first place in the AL East. It's only one game, but it's shocking to see the Royals win in Boston. It's just ... unnatural.

Joakim Soria(notes) and David DeJesus(notes) (right) point to the Big Royal in the sky and thank him for the support.

Three-hundred homers for David Ortiz(notes). Clap for him, dammit!

Rockies 7, Braves 6: With Chipper sitting out because of a knee, or a groin, or old age, nice comeback for the Rockies — thanks to a two-out, two-run double by Garrett Atkins(notes) in the eighth. Almost forgotten, Garrett Atkins was. Who? Garrett Atkins! Oh, yeah.

Tommy Hanson(notes) — not really effective, not really shelled, still undefeated.

Mariners 3, Rangers 1: For the M's, nothing, nothing, nothing, then — boom! — three-run homer Franklin Gutierrez(notes) in the bottom of the eighth off C.J. Wilson(notes). That'll lift the spirits after Wednesday's debacle. So would have ice cream, but this is probably better.

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