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ModernTube: David Price likes to talk while he's in the dugout

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As we approach the midway point of his breakout season with the Tampa Bay Rays, lanky lefty David Price(notes) has put together a decent case to start the All-Star Game. He's tied for first in the league with 10 wins and trails only Cliff Lee(notes) with a 2.45 ERA. A few more good starts and he could very well match up against Ubaldo Jimenez(notes) in Anaheim next month.

Price, of course, might have to relieve if AL manager Joe Girardi wants to give Andy Pettitte(notes) a career achievement award or please a prospective Yankee (Lee) with a well-deserved spot.

But if he doesn't want to declare his candidacy, Price will make sure that Girardi doesn't see his two-minute highlight reel that the Rays network shot during Wednesday night's game. It's a pretty lively clip — and it's funny to us youngsters — but I'm sure that Girardi would want to limit the commotion in his dugout by keeping Price in the 'pen as long as possible.

At any rate, Fox Sports Florida apparently doesn't like democracy, so you have to head over to its site to watch the non-embeddable video yourself. But it's worth the click and time, so long as you like your aces equipped with personalities as big as their arms.

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