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David Brown

Modern Tube: Animated polar bear takes hacks in batting cage

Big League Stew

We had such fun (I did, anyway) yesterday with the short film about Dock Ellis pitching a no-hitter while tripping on LSD, we've returned with another baseball-related animated short.

This one's a little more kid-friendly. It's about a bear named Berni who goes to the batting cages and manages to perform some breakdancing between hacks. The episode is from a 54-part Spanish-language series promoting "the values of fair play" to children. The series covers many sports and was actually produced in Spain, which has no beisbol tradition that I know of other than this bear.

The message at the end translated is: "When training, learn to control your impulses. With concentration and effort, you will get it."

That's some Jedi stuff right there.

Plus, Berni the Bear is quite amusing and the Ice Age-ish animation is highly watchable.

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