MLB players union boss issues Biogenesis statement: Don’t judge just yet

Mike Oz
June 5, 2013

On Day 1 of fallout in this lastest chapter of the Biogenesis scandal, Major League Baseball Players Association president Michael Weiner has a message for you, the public: Don't judge.

Weiner issued a statement in response to Tuesday's ESPN report saying that MLB was circling the wagons, wanting to hand down suspensions to as many as 20 players connected to performance-enhancing drugs through the Biogenesis clinic. Clinic owner Tony Bosch is said to be cooperating with MLB, which means things might have gotten more grave for Alex Rodriguez, Ryan Braun and others who have been linked to Biogenesis.

The players association, however, says no decisions have been made about suspensions and is imploring baseball fans to wait until investigations are over before passing judgment. That shouldn't be a problem because we know our society is really good at not judging, right?

Anyhow, here's the MLBPA statement:

"The Players Association has been in regular contact with the Commissioner's Office regarding the Biogenesis investigation. They are in the process of interviewing players, and every player has been or will be represented by an attorney from the Players Association. The Commissioner's Office has assured us that no decisions regarding discipline have been made or will be made until those interviews are completed. It would be unfortunate if anyone prejudged those investigations.

"The Players Association has every interest in both defending the rights of players and in defending the integrity of our joint program. We trust that the Commissioner's Office shares these interests."

Speaking of not judging: Ryan Braun isn't in the Milwaukee Brewers lineup on Wednesday. Before you think that's related to Biogenesis or a suspension or Braun escaping to Zihuatanejo — don't fret,'s Adam McCalvy says it's just a day off.

Baseball season's in full swing. Don't miss a thing.
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