Mitch Williams goes on funny off-camera rant about extra innings in spring training

Mike Oz
March 1, 2013

Bless you, MLB Network, for not being too uptight to share things like this: Here's analyst Mitch Williams finding out he has to stick around the set longer because the New York Mets/Washington Nationals game that preceded "MLB Tonight" on Thursday was going to extra innings. You know, in February.

It's a good rant when the guy sitting next to you is the guy who infamously wrote the F-word on his bat knob and he's marveling at it.

What are the chances NFL Network would show us Deion Sanders throwing a fit off camera? No offense to Deion, he just seems like the guy who would. Kudos for holding up the mirror and not being afraid to laugh at yourselves, Mitch and MLB Network.

Spring training is here. Stretch out with us.
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