Mike Trout fish hats! Los Angeles Angels giving caps away June 18

David Brown
May 6, 2013

Fish hats, get your Mike Trout fish hats!

The Los Angeles Angels already sell, or did a season ago, a foam cap shaped like a fish in honor of star slugger Mike Trout. You can buy one on eBay for $24.99. They're solid, if not durable-looking. Good enough for Howie Kendrick to wear around the clubhouse.

This is better.

The cap the Angels are giving away when they play the Seattle Mariners on June 18 is different — it has an actual trout mockup leaping from the forehead, as if to steal somebody's home run at the fence.

What's double-nice is, it has the Ashton Kutcher/trucker mesh in the back that kids these days wear un-ironically, but shouldn't like because it's just as flimsy and garish as it was in 1984 when it was the best caps could do because it was only 1984.

But mesh is, admittedly, appropriate for a cap that has a fish leaping out the front. Trout's No. 27 appears on one temple, and an Angels logo appears on the other.

How you don't have tickets for this game already, nobody knows.

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