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Mike Piazza and Roger Clemens say they’re all good

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Time heals all wounds.

It apparently also pieces together old bat splinters from the 2000 World Series that are famously owned by Keith Olbermann.

Eleven years after they created the most memorable moment of the 2000 World Series, Mike Piazza and Roger Clemens say they do not harbor any resentment toward each other. Any animosity that might have come from Clemens throwing a bat shard in Piazza's direction during Game 2 of the Subway Series — or a fastball at his head six months earlier — has been laid to rest.

This revelation came as the pair did a radio interview together over the weekend at the Michael Jordan Celebrity Golf Invitational in Las Vegas.

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Host: What comes to mind with you two guys is a bat throwing incident in the World Series back in 2000, the Subway Series, and Mike [Piazza] says "I don't think he was throwing the bat at me."

Roger Clemens: "I forgot about that. Far behind. It's way behind us. He actually… I heard he hit a good shot on 17 today. I hope he's peaking early.

Mike Piazza: "We're done with baseball, man. We're retired now."

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Piazza actually had more to say about the incident before Clemens sat down at the table. While you might remember that he shouted "What's your problem?" after the bat flew his way at Yankee Stadium, it turns out that time has mellowed the man.

Now the former New York Mets catcher is more willing to accept what the former New York Yankees pitcher claimed from the start: Clemens was blinded by the heat of the moment and was just looking to get the unexpected projectile out of his way.

"I really don't feel — and again, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt — I don't feel like he really threw it (the bat) at me," Piazza said.  "... At the time, obviously, the feelings were intense and really hot, but it is what it is, dude. I had a great career and I kind of sit back and say it's time to move on."

That Piazza and Clemens are now hunky dory probably shouldn't come as a surprise. Clemens has his hands full with federal perjury charges — something he can 't stop talking to the media about — and Piazza has his Hall of Fame eligibility coming up in 2013. His case is probably going to get hit with Jeff Bagwell-level debate.

Plus, let's get serious here: They've entered the golden era of being an athlete, when they autograph anything and everything to pad their Social Security checks. Do you have any idea how much the picture at the top of this post can fetch on the Home Shopping Network if it's signed by both men?

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Here's the entire audio of the interview:

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