Mike Krukow generalizes both Philly and San Francisco fans

Mark Townsend
October 21, 2010

"They have nothing else to do in Philly."

According to the ridiculous and stereotypical claim of San Francisco Giants broadcaster Mike Krukow, that's why fans of the orange and black behave with more class than Philadelphia Phillies fans.

From the San Jose Mercury News:

"If you're not giving a good effort in San Francisco, the fans get on you," said broadcaster Mike Krukow, a former Giant who spent part of his career pitching in Philadelphia. "But the intensity level of hate here is probably 30 percent of what it is in Philly. People here can head to the beach, or go up to wine country and calm their anxieties. I just think they have nothing else to do in Philly."

I'll have to take Krukow's word on that since I've never been to Philadelphia and have no idea of the activities available.

But the article written by Bruce Newman goes on to discuss how Giants fans have taught the Phillies faithful several lessons in fan etiquette so far during the NLCS.

How nice of them. Now allow me to run three questions by you:

1. Does San Francisco offer a greater variety of activities to assist in relieving the tensions that go along with baseball torture as Krukow suggests? It's possible.

2. Is attending a baseball game at AT&T Park a more pleasant experience than at Citizens Bank Park? Perhaps. It does have the most beautiful views in baseball and it consistently ranks among the top-rated ballparks of every survey you see.

3. Would a definite yes to both of those questions make Giants fans undeniably less obnoxious, more likable, or better than Phillies fans? Absolutely not.

You'll never hear me defend the behavior of that portion of Phillies fans who cross the line, but just the same I'm not sure I take well to the San Francisco media getting on their high horse to talk down on another city and its fans.

Especially when the Giants fan base was guilty of booing their "franchise" a little less than five months ago. And extra especially when you have kids walking around outside your stadium holding signs like these.

Just sayin'.

Here's the thing, too: By painting his own fanbase as people who'd rather head to the beach or hit up Napa than watch a ballgame, he's also slighting rabid Giants fans by pigeonholing them into that stereotype. San Francisco fans are currently painting their town orange right now, but they're not the only ones working with a pretty broad brush.

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