Microphone irritates Jayson Werth’s beard

David Brown
July 12, 2013

The Washington Nationals had just dropped three out of four games to the Philadelphia Phillies, and the haggard expression on the face of Jayson Werth expressed his disappointment during a postgame interview Thursday. Being one of the facially hairiest ballplayers in the majors also contributes to Werth's "Aw, the heck with it," vibe. Werth will still answer questions, though, unless The Beard's personal space is violated.

A reporter asked him about the Nationals' offense, how it scored 10 runs over the entirety of the series and what a drag it must be, and Werth started to respond until a microphone for CSN Philly got a little too close to his chinny chin chin:

"Can you get that thing out of my face? Eh, I'm good. See you, guys."

I'll say whatever — just don't touch The Beard, OK?

The postgame interview session can be one of the more exasperating experiences for players and media. Sometimes, there is pertinent information to discuss, if the questions are thoughtful and the answers insightful. Often, it's repetitive and monotonous (get it???), boring and not worthy of doing. So it's OK for an athlete to have a moment like Werth did and excuse himself. Especially when the sovereign nature of The Beard was messed with.

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