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Mets pitcher Shaun Marcum has a new scary-looking bowling ball

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New Yorks Mets pitcher Shaun Marcum is apparently at his most intimidating not when throwing a baseball, but when he uses his special bowling ball.

Unveiled to the world by Mets PR man Jay Horwitz via Twitter, Marcum's new ball has a skull in its middle, with intense red eyes and a hole in its head. Oh, and he only uses the ball for collecting spares.

In other words, Shaun Marcum has a message for the rest of you Wii Bowling sissies out there: Step your bowling game up. Get a skull in your bowling ball or go home!

Of course, this opens up a litany of potential jokes about the Mets. You all can go ahead (not that you were waiting for an invitation or anything).

But we'll just say this: It probably wouldn't be the worst idea for the Mets to put scary-looking skulls in their baseballs. If they can help Marcum close a frame, they might help the Mets win a game.

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