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McCain uses Obama's wishy-washy MLB stance to his advantage

Big League Stew

When we saw Barack Obama first throw his support behind the Phillies in Pennsylvania, then pal around with the Rays at a Florida campaign stop, you had to know it was only a matter of time until John McCain pointed out the conflicting views of his opponent. Says McCain: "I'm not dumb enough to get mixed up in a World Series between swing states." Well played sir, well played.

A big BLS head nod goes to Hugging Harold Reynolds for the tip and the Boston Globe for the video.

(Note: While most of you understand the fun we're having with maybe the only light side of the Presidential race, I should point out to the rest of you can't-take-a-joke types that it's exactly that and nothing more. No ulterior motives here, and even if there were, I think the last time a baseball blogger had an impact on a United States election was 1876. Big Rutherford B. Hayes supporters, we were. Couldn't get enough of his wife's lemonade.)

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