Matt Williams puts promised Babe Ruth impression on hold

Mark Townsend
August 24, 2014

We live in a world where once something is said or written, it can't be taken back and certainly won't be ignored. And that counts double if it can be held against someone. Just ask rookie manager Matt Williams, who back in April made an unusual promise, stating that if his Washington Nationals went on a 10-game winning streak this season, he would dust off his old Babe Ruth impersonation and perform it before a game.

Well, the Nationals achieved their 10-game winning streak on Thursday, defeating the Arizona Diamondbacks 1-0 in what was also their fifth walkoff win in six games. But it sounds like Williams doesn't plan on following through on his promise, at least not in the near future.


"It's not appropriate. You talk to folks and you say, 'Sure, we would love to win 10 in a row.' At some point, it will be fun and appropriate, but not right now,"

Williams is far from the only player with a Babe Ruth impersonation, but his obviously stood out after he debuted it back in the 1990s while playing for the San Francisco Giants. Former pitcher David Wells arguably had the best, though a handful of others could make that claim as well.

It certainly would have been fun to watch Williams escape his managerial constraints and break loose for a few minutes before a game against those same Giants this weekend, but it's understandable why he doesn't feel comfortable. Though the Nationals currently hold the best record in the NL at 74-57, there's still a lot of work to do and he doesn't want to give the impression that he feels like they can relax.

That said, he clearly indicated there will be an appropriate time down the road, so let the speculation begin when that might be. Perhaps if Washington clinches the NL East division we'll get our moment, or maybe his sights will be set even higher, like after an NLCS or World Series victory. Time will tell, but we're definitely rooting for it to happen. 

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