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Matt Williams gets rear-ended driving to ballpark during live radio interview

Washington Nationals manager Matt Williams was discussing shortstop Ian Desmond with "The Sports Junkies" on 106.7 FM The Fan in D.C. — EB, JP, Cakes and Lurch — when surreal life intervened and a high-speed chase happened with Williams caught in the middle. He was rear-ended but said he was OK, physically. The audio in the link above is just ... odd.

"I think he's getting there," Williams said about Desmond before appearing to lose his breath and his place.

We interrupt this live interview with manager Matt Williams and switch over to The Fan's traffic reporter Matt Williams for details of a high-speed chase near South Capitol Street in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday morning:

"Sorry guys, I just had an accident," Williams abruptly said.

"You OK?." EB asked.

"I've got a police officer behind me. This guy's gonna try to escape," Williams said. "The guy's running."

"Alright, hold on," EB said. "Did you witness the accident, or you're in the accident?"

"He just ran right in the back of me," Williams said.

"Oh, you got rear-ended?" JP asked.

"I just got rear-ended by a guy in a car," Williams said. "Hold on. This guy's crashing into people."

"Oh, no," EB said.

"Yeah," Williams confirmed.

"Are you OK?" EB asked.

"I'm good," Williams said. "There was a police car behind me, and a guy in a car and he tried to get by me and he just smoked me."

"Where are you driving right now?" Cakes asked.

"I'm almost to the ballpark," Williams said.

"And did he get out of his car and start running?" Lurch asked.

"Yeah, he tried to get out of his car, and then he got around me, and then they're continuing to chase him," Williams said.

Scary. Riveting. Absurd. As of the most recent report, the mad driver was still being pursued. The only way the story could have been more ridiculous is if Williams had made a citizen's arrest on the suspect, and if that suspect were Bryce Harper.

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