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Matt Kemp gives fan an autograph … then his hat, jersey and shoes (Video)

Say what you will about Los Angeles Dodgers star Matt Kemp and his stats so far this season, but after watching this fan encounter, Kemp ranks No. 1 on our "nice guys" list. Dodgers blog Vin Scully is My Homeboy uncovered the video, and even the most diehard of Giants fans will have to admit it's great.

Here's the backstory, as well as we can piece together via YouTube descriptions and comments: The fan in the video, Joshua Jones, is fighting "a tough battle," says his friend Tommy Schultz, who filmed and uploaded the video. Jones' family "put money together" to get great seats to see the Dodgers play the Giants in San Francisco. The group, including dad Steve Jones and brother Ryan Jones, was able to get the attention of Dodgers third-base coach Tim Wallach.

Wallach said he'd try to get Kemp to come by after the game. Not only did Kemp come by, he made this fan's year by giving him half of his uniform — and he surely brought a smile to the face of anybody watching.

Keep in mind, this happened in San Francisco, where the Dodgers lost three close games. So baseball-wise, Kemp probably wasn't in the best of moods. But he still did the classy thing.

This is a great reminder that some of the best things star athletes can do don't end up on a scoreboard or a stat sheet. And this? This was a grand slam by Matt Kemp, any way you want to measure it.

UPDATE: Yahoo! Sports' Tim Brown talked to Kemp on Tuesday about the viral video. Read his column here. Here's one great quote from Kemp:

"It's just something I felt probably would have cheered him up a little bit," Kemp said. "Help him out a little bit. I just did it.Hopefully that made that kid's day ... I don't even know the kid's name."

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