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Matt Harvey dodges questions about his injured elbow in radio interview, pitches products instead

Mike Oz
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Here's the thing: Matt Harvey really wants to pitch. Really. He wants to pitch so badly that, with his season over because of an elbow injury, the New York Mets ace has become a pitchman whose singular focus is to pitch. Pitch. Pitch. Pitch.

No, Matt Harvey doesn't want to talk about his elbow. He doesn't want to talk about Tommy John surgery. He wants to tell you all about Qualcomm. Nay, he wants to "honor" Qualcomm.

Harvey made this very clear Wednesday morning when he phoned into The Dan Patrick Show. Oh good, we thought, we're going to hear a nice interview between Harvey and Patrick, who generally has a good rapport with his guests and produces entertaining interviews. Harvey, however, wasn't really trying to answer questions. He just wanted to talk about Qualcomm, whose mobile technology products he's been retained to speak highly about.

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If you listen to sports radio, you know product-placement interviews happen all the time. A guest comes on, does his or her interview, drops a shout out at the end for Gatorade or "Madden 25" or Subway or whatever, and everybody's happy.

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For Matt Harvey — or his "people" — to think he could go on a national radio show the day after saying he's opting for rehab over Tommy John surgery and not talk about that, well, that's either naive or ridiculous.

Harvey said he'd be happy to come back on Patrick's show another time to talk about the elbow rehab, but judging by Patrick's reaction and his grumpy body language when he gave up and let Harvey pitch, you have to think that probably won't happen anytime soon.

UPDATE: Harvey later apologized on Twitter.

UPDATE II: Harvey talked to Melanie Collins of Yahoo Sports later Wednesday and did answer some questions about his elbow. He plugged Qualcomm too, but it's more answers than plugs. Enjoy.

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