Matt Harvey, David Wright and other New York Mets sing in cringeworthy holiday video

Mike Oz

Our theory about why the New York Mets released a holiday video with its players singing "Sleigh Bells?" Whatever moves the team makes this winter won't look as bad as this.

The 54-second long video — in which Matt Harvey, David Wright and a few other Mets butcher a Christmas classic — is as cringe-worthy as the annual Kardashian Christmas card. About as stiff too.

As bad as it is, though, we can't stop watching it. In fact, we've watched the Mets holiday video enough to have decided the five most wonderful things about it:

1. The jolliness of Justin Turner
Seriously, this guy was just so into it. We wonder if he still believes in Santa.

2. David Wright's eyebrows
Woah there. Next time he breaks a bat, he can peel one of those suckers off his face and swing it.

3. Matt Harvey legit wanting to impress us with his vocal talents
Is Matt Harvey going to release an album during his Tommy John rehab? He sounded like he was trying out for "The Voice" when we brought that bassy twang to the party.

4. Dillon Gee carrying this thing
Dillon Gee gives us some shoulder swaying and he has the longest part of the song, so he's obviously the workhorse here. How long before he gets fed up and tries to go solo? Here's hoping he calls himself Gee-Funk and it happens tomorrow.

5. Travis d'Arnaud is dead inside
He may have been steering the reindeer than ran over Grandma.

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