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Mat Latos and dancing Cat Latos juxtaposed in video with tactical assault rifle

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Cincinnati Reds right-hander Mat Latos and his social-media savvy wife, Dallas, own a cat named Cat Latos. The cat likes to dance, or be made to dance by its owner, as you can see from the recent video above, which appears to be shot at the Latos's home.

Speaking of which, that's a lovely tactical assault rifle posed on a tripod in the kitchen among the pots and pans and microwave. Now we know the feline can bust a move, the next Latos video needs to be Cat shooting at a firing range. Reality TV has to have called them by now.

Also, congrats to the Latos family for being pregnant, as another Instagram post indicates:

With Mat pitching at his usual All-Star-like level after starting the season injured, everything's turning up aces for the Latos family. (Just make sure the safety's on that weapon, you wacky Latoses!

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