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Marlins Park usher takes awkward tumble on foul ball

Logan Morrison was quite the destructive force on Friday night at Marlins Park. In addition to hitting the longest home run in the stadium's two year history — estimated anywhere from 467 to 484 feet depending on who you believe — he also clubbed a foul ball up the first base line that resulted in one of the stadium's ushers taking an awkward and potentially dangerous fall.

It happened in the very first inning. On a 1-0 pitch, Morrison turned on the ball and pulled a sharp grounder wide of first base. On the second big hop, the ball skipped into the stands and then ricocheted off a first row cupholder. Remember, we're in Miami, so there are 5-6 fans seated in this section of box seats.

In other words, nobody was there to knock the ball down, and an usher seated on a stool behind the nearly empty section was a sitting duck. In her effort to avoid the ball, the usher leans back on her stool, perhaps forgetting all together that she's on a stool, and let's just say it's long way down from stool to concrete.

I'll stand by my statement that it was a potentially dangerous fall. She easily could have smacked her head on the concrete. But since she was back in her seat just a couple pitches later, we can also call it a definitely hilarious fall.

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She survived this time. Next time she might want to consider wearing a seat belt.

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