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Marlins ballboy dives into stands and nearly makes sensational catch

It's a wonder why ballboy and ballgirl have never appeared on a list of most dangerous jobs. Seriously, these folks — who range in age from teenagers to the elderly — can be sitting ducks in a world surrounded by strong men who crush baseballs for a living. All it takes is that one swing that sends a well struck foul ball in their direction, and at that point they're on island with only a glove to protect themselves and the fans behind them, and a small stool to hide behind if it comes to that.

In other words, it takes some guts to accept such a job, and on Wednesday afternoon in Miami, we saw the courage of one particular ballboy on full display.

According to the Marlins blog On Cloud Conine, the young ballboy's name is Trevor Takacs. It was only his second day on the job, but his first big moment came in the third inning of Miami's 1-0 win over the New York Mets when shortstop Ruben Tejada absolutely laced a foul ball towards the box seats down the left field line. Without thinking twice, Takacs reacted by lunging into the stands to nearly make a sensation catch, and in the process possibly preserved the health of a Marlins' employee standing nearby. 

The employee, who can clearly be seen bailing from the scene in the video, was certainly appreciative of the effort.   

As for the catch part of it, upon first look it appears as though Takacs makes an incredible grab. However, another angle reveals that the ball did squirt from glove on his descent. But really, that would have only been the icing on the cake. This is all about his effort and the sacrifice of life and limb to keep the Marlins employee from wearing a foul ball kind of like one of his fellow ballboys in Minnesota wore one on the chin over the weekend. . 

Thankfully, he too was uninjured, but it just goes to show how vulnerable a position ballboys and girls can be in. 

If you see one of these courageous folks at the ballpark, pat them on the back. It's a thankless job. 

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