Manny Machado nearly beaned by Orioles teammate Scott Feldman

David Brown

Right-hander Scott Feldman of the Baltimore Orioles might be better off letting his teammates do his fielding for him. It's better than him doing it and throwing at their head in a panic.

Feldman gave the Orioles a scare Monday night, nearly beaning young star Manny Machado while foolishly trying to make a play on a bunt by Kansas City's David Lough.


The Orioles brought in Feldman via trade from the Cubs to bolster their starting rotation and he's been OK on the mound, making three good starts and one bad. Just keep him on the mound.

Feldman's first mistake was not making way for Machado, a third baseman and one of the best fielders in the majors, who had a better chance of throwing out the speedy Lough at first base. Feldman's second mistake was making an off-balance, no-look and underhanded throw with Machado charging forward and crossing into the throwing lane. If Machado or the throw had been half-an-instant later, he would have been hit. Machado understandably ducked, too, which put his head in the line of fire, based on the throw's trajectory.

"Don't hurt you arm," Orioles broadcaster Gary Thorne says. "Your arm"? Don't hurt the franchise!

It could have been a disaster. Instead, the Orioles could chuckle about it — if uneasily.

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