LSU's Alex Bregman catches pop up that bounced off teammate's forehead

Mark Townsend
May 25, 2014

Some days the ball bounces your way. Some days it doesn't. And then there are those rare days where it hits you right between the eyes.

Unfortunately for LSU third baseman Christian Ibarra, it was nearly the latter during their SEC Tournament game against Arkansas on Saturday afternoon. On the plus side, though, teammate Alex Bregman was having just the opposite kind of day, and he was right there to pick him up figuratively and almost literally.

During the third inning, Arkansas catcher Alex Gosser skied a pop up into foul territory that Ibarra seemed to have measured, but apparently lost in the sun on the descent. At that point, he was in a no win situation, but he hung in there admirably and attempted to make the catch.

Then reality — aka, the baseball — hit him right in the forehead and bounced about ten feet in the air.

That's where Bregman, who jogged over from his shortstop position to oversee the play, was waiting in perfect position to snag the carom for the strange 5-6 put out.

There are only three appropriate things to say at this point:

1) That's a heads up play. 

2) What's up, Jose Canseco? 

3) That will leave a mark, because it most definitely will. 

And hey, it wasn't all bad for Ibarra on Saturday. LSU ended up cruising to an 11-1 victory and will now play in Sunday's SEC championship game against Florida at 4:30 ET. That gives him a pretty big opportunity, because if there was ever a place to find the ultimate redemption for taking a baseball to the forehead on national TV, that would be it.

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