Lou Gehrig's 'Luckiest Man' speech recited by 30 MLB first basemen (Video)

Mike Oz

Here's a must-watch, heart-warmer of a video by MLB Productions. The first basemen from all 30 MLB teams recited parts of Lou Gehrig's famous "Luckiest Man" retirement speech. It was all edited together, spliced with the original Gehrig speech and given a Derek Jeter cherry on top.

Friday is the 75th anniversary of Gehrig's speech, which inspired the making of this video. It will be debuted Wednesday at Yankee Stadium, then shown at every other MLB stadium Friday.

In addition to making the video, MLB is collectively donating $300,000 to four organizations that fight Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (aka Lou Gehrig's Disease). Well done all around, MLB.

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