LOLcats: With curses reversed, Cubs surely on way to Series

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The Cubs guaranteed themselves a World Series championship on Tuesday night.

But wait: How did they do it in April? How did the Cubs do it, period, considering their challenging history?

Simple: By challenging their history and beating it into submission.

During the game with Cincinnati, the Cubs encountered another loose cat and endured another foul-ball incident with their own fans — in the same inning, no less — and yet they still were able to bea the Reds, and they still won 7-2.

Clearly, the champions-elect have turned a cursed corner in Cubs chronicles.

Thanks to a singular combination of 90 percent lack of skill and 10 percent lack of luck, the Cubs have failed to win the World Series each season since 1908.

But it's more fun — or annoying, depending on your perspective — to pretend they haven't won in all of these years because of silly curses.

After the jump, read about what happened in the soon-to-be fabled fourth inning that turned Cubs luck around for good.

The Cubs had a 2-1 lead when the game was delayed for a few moments by an extra outfielder a cat, who wandered around like Alfonso Soriano and crossed Aramis Ramirez's path before a security guard grabbed it straight by the tail and threw it into the crowd.

The feline was a calico, not black, like the one who crossed Ron Santo's path at Shea Stadium during the Big Mets Takeover of '69.

Later in the fourth, Cincy's Jay Bruce popped a foul toward the left-field line, eerily near the same spot as Moises Alou's unsuccessful jump (left) and tantrum at a missed opportunity during the fateful eighth inning in Game 6 of the 2003 NLCS against the Marlins.

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This time, rather than a dude with headphones among a scrum of fans, a lone man wearing a glove reached over and caught the ball. Soriano would not have caught the ball, but it's fun to think he would have. Given an extra swing, Bruce then tied the score with an RBI single.

Here we go again. What's next, another error by Alex Gonzalez (either of 'em)?

Not this time. Rich Harden and the Cubs bullpen, unlike Mark Prior and friends in '03, steeled their collective wills and beat back the pesky Redlegs.

As Bugs and Cranks points out, the early season has been frought with curse-related incidents around Wrigley. They have video!

The Cubs had the NL's best team in the '08 regular season in before failing in the playoffs, as per usual. They appear on their way to a similar regular season in '09, and now that most of mystical slate has been wiped clean, only an inevitable victory parade remains.

Yes, the curses have been reversed.