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Local radio host honors Cubs’ Tony Campana with parody song

Chicago Cubs outfielder Tony Campana had the baseball world buzzing Tuesday night after he sailed through the air to elude the seemingly unavoidable tag of Houston third baseman Matt Downs. Our own Dave Brown even compared the athletic and creative hustle play to something we might see from Superman, or even 2011's most popular underdog, "Super" Sam Fuld.

After watching the replay several times, I'm in agreement that Campana's status should be elevated from regular guy/fourth outfielder to, at the very least, a superhero in training. He's just going to need a cape, a fancy suit and his very own theme song to complete the transformation.

Well, make that a cape and a suit, because the song has already been taken care of by Matt Spiegel — a Chicago sports radio personality who co-hosts from 9-1 every weekday on 670 The Score — who wrote, produced and recorded The Tony Campana Song — a short, but humorous parody set to Barry Manilow's Copacabana.

The parody was originally recorded shortly after Campana's major-league debut last season, but it's about to see a surge in popularity after WGN aired it during Wednesday night's telecast. In fact, if you're interested, you can find the Tony Campana parody, along with other Chicago sports-related parodies recorded by Spiegel and his partner Dan McNeil, on iTunes.

As for my personal take: The Tony Campana Song gets two thumbs up because it meets the only two criteria I have for parody songs: First, the lyrics are spot on, but more importantly than that, it doesn't overstay its welcome.

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