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Little help: Fan lets Prince Fielder borrow his sunglasses

Mark Townsend
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All-Star MVP and Milwaukee Brewers first baseman Prince Fielder has played his share of night games at Coors Field. He's well aware of how hellacious the glare can be when forced to receive throws as the sun peaks through the second and third decks and shines around the third base stands.

He was prepared for it heading into Thursday night, but pregame rain had left clouds hovering above and around the stadium during the early innings of Milwaukee's 12-3 loss to the Colorado Rockies. Those clouds finally parted in the fourth inning, forcing Fielder to fetch his sunglasses from the dugout.

Problem was, no one could find them. {YSP:MORE}

Realizing that borrowing sunglasses from Corey Hart wasn't a realistic option, Fielder began his search for a suitable replacement pair. As the hunt continued, drawing boos from some fans, a fan sitting close to Milwaukee's dugout spoke up and offered his sunglasses to Fielder. A bat boy then arrived from the clubhouse, presumably with Fielder's original pair, but Prince accepted the fan's.

After a fumbled exchange, he put the glasses on and took his spot back in the field.

Watch a kind fan help Prince out

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I'd like say to Fielder returned them without a scratch, but it's hard to say for sure after he dropped them. (That easily could have been ruled Fielder's third error of the night. He committed two later with one being overturned.) But at least he did return them in one piece.

Of all the idiosyncrasies that separate Coors Field from other ballparks — the altitude, the humidor, the jet stream to right-center, the spacious outfield, and most notably, the pantsless purple dinosaur that drives fans crazy — the most overlooked is the summer sun and how it affects the early innings of games.

It makes every throw from the left side of the infield or the pitcher a potential for baseball disaster. Fortunately, with the assistance of that fan, Prince Fielder was at least able to avoid one of those.

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