Little girl asks Stephen Strasburg and Anthony Rendon about their love life

David Brown
January 27, 2014

Stephen Strasburg and Anthony Rendon probably expected a lot of cutesy questions from the kids press conference at the Washington Nationals fan fest over the weekend. Little did they know that one little girl would get personal with her question. And there was no dithering. No stammering. No "uhhs" She got right to the point:

Mary Claire: How many girlfriends do you have?

Not, "What is your girlfriend like?" but instead "How many?" She's definitely a future AnswerWoman. After the roar from the crowd subsided, Rendon answered sheepishly:

"I'm trying to think of a safe answer. But, umm, one?"

More laughs! And then Strasburg:

"I got one wife but no girlfriends."

Confirmed, at least partially. Mary Claire only got to ask the one question, and perhaps it's for the best. Go out on a high note. D.C. Sports Bog covered a few other entertaining episodes at the Nats fan fest, including an epic Wheel of Fortune-style game where Bryce Harper took first place (of course), and Name That Tune with Jayson Werth that featured teammates intro music. Sounds like the Nats know how to have fun.

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