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Big League Stew

Leftovers! Our second list of the newest MLB concessions

Rob Iracane
Big League Stew

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Baseball fans, it seems, are a hungry bunch.

I say that because it apparently wasn't enough for us to list the top 10 new concessions around the big leagues, no sir. In the nearly 300 comments left by readers on our original post, we've been pointed toward many more tasty ballpark treats that are brand new for 2011.

So, as a public service, we'll share the fruitful harvest with you, dear reader. Here are even more NEW concessions that ticketholders can eat when they're out at an MLB game this season. And don't forget the Tums, pal.

Chicken and waffles, Progressive Field, Cleveland: While I haven't had the chance to try this pairing in the Cleve, I did try the chicken and waffles at Nationals Park during the 2010 season. Verdict? A rubbery chicken cutlet and a cold, soggy waffle does a great injustice to an otherwise classic dish. {YSP:MORE}

NESN TV's on-field reporter Heidi Watney did get a chance to try it while the Red Sox were in town last week, though, and her review of the combo, hideously transformed into a sandwich, is even more negative than mine.

Turkey Gobbler, Fenway Park, Boston: Perhaps Heidi needed to return to Fenway and sample a more traditional sandwich with a twist. The turkey gobbler is a Kaiser roll laden with sliced turkey breast, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and gravy.

It's pretty much exactly what your uncle does with leftovers the day after Thanksgiving and it's been pitted against a loaded roast beef sandwich in an online poll to name Fenway's signature dish. The Boston tradition of slathering BBQ sauce on a perfectly good roast beef sandwich is anathema to me, so I implore you to throw your vote to the pilgrim special, Red Sox fans.

Cuban panino, Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia: There is no greater joy than getting a good sandwich at a baseball game. Sadly, I've had the Cuban sandwich at Yankee Stadium and it is an utter disappointment, lacking the traditional condiments of pickles and yellow mustard. Without them, you're basically eating a grilled ham and cheese sandwich! Croque Monsieur, mon Dieu!

Lucky for Phillies fans, they can have nearly the real deal at CBP: a semi-authentic Cuban sandwich with roast pork, thinly sliced ham, swiss cheese, pickles and whole grain mustard, part of the new line of $8 panini. My brother-in-law sampled it last week and attests that the Cuban panino is good enough to be successful in a park that has such amazing food like Tony Luke's roast pork Italian and the inimitable Schmitter.

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Royal Pork T, Kauffman Stadium, Kansas City: Continuing our foray through the world of pork, we head west and land on another stadium sandwich contest. Royals fans will be able to eat and then cast a vote for the Royal Pork T, a fried pork tenderloin sitting a top a round roll, topped with caramelized onions, fried pickle chips, and homemade barbecue sauce.

Sounds good, right? Even better, you can pair that artery-clogging behemoth with a bottomless bucket of popcorn at Kauffman. Please, folks, if you want to bury your head in unlimited popcorn, go easy on the salt and the fake butter topping.

Veg Out Cup, Chase Field, Arizona: But if all that fat and cholesterol get a bit much, many ballparks like Chase Field are offering actual healthy alternatives in 2011. The Veg Out Cup is exactly what it sounds like: a plastic cup full of sliced carrots, celery, jicama, radishes and cucumber, paired with a tub of creamy homemade hummus.

The cup of veggies might set you back $7 and may make you the target of derision from fellow Diamondbacks fans, but at least you'll be satiated (and smugly satisfied) with your nutritious dip. Prince Fielder approves.

Gelato, Coors Field, Denver: Okay, one serving of vegetables might not be enough for the FDA but it's enough for our listicle. Onto desserts! Coors Field is one of the first ballparks to serve gelato, a denser alternative to ice cream that has less butterfat but more sugar.

Gelato, like Tommy Lasorda, has its roots in Italian culture but unlike Tommy Lasorda, it tastes delicious in a swirl. The one real disadvantage of gelato for vendors is that it does not last for months in a freezer. Hopefully, the good folks at Coors Field will be serving it up fresh.

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Berger Cookies, Camden Yards, Baltimore: Believe it or not, there is food at the ballpark in Baltimore that is not coated with a dusting of Old Bay. Sure, the crab cakes and chicken wings and potato chips are served well with that traditional spice blend but Orioles fans need sweet treats to counter that spicy tang.

Enter Berger Cookies, baked goods that have been a Baltimore specialty for 175 years. They're stacked like black-and-white cookies, except minus the white: picture cakey vanilla wafer cookies topped with a thick layer of chocolate ganache. Berger Cookies are delish, and my future brother-in-law from Baltimore swears by them even though he's not a dessert guy.

Nutella-banana crêpe, Safeco Field, Seattle: Let's get serious here. While Safeco Field has long been considered one of the top ballparks in the country for interesting food, it's going to take a very special stock of man to order a freaking crêpe at a freaking baseball game.

But I salute you, Mr. Nutella Banana Crêpe Eater slash Mariners Fan. You want a delicious dessert and you are not ashamed to walk around with a crispy, melty, chocolatey, hazelnutty, banana-y treat in a paper cone. Embrace the Euro-inspired snack and don't let anyone tell you that real men don't eat crêpes!

So what new concessions at your local park did we miss this time around? Let us know!

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