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League officials: Jericho's mom threatened us with bodily harm

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Well it looks like we can officially upgrade this story about Jericho Scott, the 9-year-old who was "too good to pitch", from momentary 'news of the weird' curiosity to full-blown media circus. Not surprisingly, it's the parents acting younger than their children who are allowing the controversy to grow.

Wishing to tell their side of the story, league officials from the Connecticut youth baseball league held a press conference Tuesday night to explain why Scott had been banned from pitching against their children. (All of whom, by the way, were lined up behind the podium like the little props they are.)

It was bad news for the kids, because it forced them to stand in a spotlight they're probably already tired of standing in.

It was good news for those of you who love l'il league drama because league officials placed Jericho's mother Nicole in the proverbial dunk tank and immediately started lobbing baseballs. The topic of discussion was the "incident" on Aug. 20, when Jericho took the mound in a game he had been warned not to pitch, prompting the other team to pull its players from the field.

From the New Haven Independent:

What happened, according to the league, was that the Will Power Fitness coach Wilfred Vidro defied orders and started Jericho on the mound. League officials called the game, declaring that Will Power Fitness had defaulted. Will Power Fitness players and parents reportedly started chanting "losers." The other team's members were escorted to Carlito's Barber Shop, "to ensure their safety."

"There was an incredible amount of taunting and threats," said Noble (the league's attorney).

Jericho's mom, Nicole Scott, reportedly threatened the league with lawsuits and league officials with bodily harm. According to the league, Scott said, "This will be the last year. Once the lawyer is done they're gonna eat **** and there ain't gonna be a league next year."

Scott's attorney, John Williams, denied those reports, but they're surely going to provide enough fresh blood for the Dr. Phils and Ellens of the world (not to mention the 'Duks of the Internets) to keep sniffing around the story. The article says that Jericho was in New York on Tuesday night for the Yankees game and that he was scheduled to appear on CBS' morning show today.

Yeah, so at least his parents are keeping him shielded and not looking for a quick path to fame.

Actually, this whole thing serves as a reminder that when it comes to youth sports, it's usually the adults who are acting like children and the children who are acting like adults. No matter who said or did what, these people should be ashamed of themselves for letting this continue.

After the jump, find video of Jericho and his mother. She seems like a real peach.

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