Latest statement from A-Rod takes aim at MLB Commissioner Bud Selig

Mark Townsend
November 1, 2013

The war of words between Alex Rodriguez and Major League Baseball rages on, with Thursday's comments from the embattled Yankees third baseman representing his strongest to date.

According to USA Today's Bob Nightengale, A-Rod and his camp released a statement in light of Commissioner Bud Selig's commets that praised MLB's drug investigative team for ther efforts over the past several months. A-Rod, in response, takes direct aim at Selig and MLB, accusing them of using aggressive and illegal tactics during the investigation while promoting his own 'selflessness.'

"I am deeply troubled by my team's investigative findings with respect to MLB's conduct,'' Rodriguez said in a statement provided to USA TODAY Sports and other media outlets. "How can the gross, ongoing misconduct of the MLB investigations division not be relevant to my suspension, when my suspension supposedly results directly from that division's work?"

"It is sad that Commissioner Selig once again is turning a blind eye, knowing that crimes are being committed under his regime. I have 100% faith in my legal team."

"To be sure, this fight is necessary to protect me, but it also serves the interests of the next 18 year old coming into the league, to be sure he doesn't step into the house of horrors that I am being forced to walk through.''

End statement.

Cue response from MLB vice president Rob Manfred.

"This latest, sad chapter in Mr. Rodriguez's tarnished career is yet another example of this player trying to avoid taking responsibility for his poor choices,'' Manfred said. " Given the disappointing acts that Mr. Rodriguez has repeatedly made throughout his career, his expressed concern for young people rings very hollow."

"Mr. Rodriguez's use of PEDs was longer and more pervasive than any other player, and when this process is complete, the facts will prove that it is Mr. Rodriguez and his representatives who have engaged in ongoing, gross misconduct."

As with every exchange between the two parties, there's probably some truth and misinformation being spread by both sides. Unfortunately for arbitrator Fredric Horowitz, it's all up to him to sift through the lies and falsehoods to find the ultimate truth, or at least something close to it.

If there's one thing that's for sure though, it's that we're all hopeful he reaches that conclusion relatively soon. Then again, even then the war of words is likely to continue, but at that point it should be much easier to dismiss and ignore.

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