Lady is super excited to catch baseball tossed into stands — until a kid swipes it (Video)

Mike Oz
June 7, 2013

Kids of the world unite!

One kid got bowled over by an adult fan chasing a home run ball earlier this week. So maybe the kid in the video above is just getting revenge on adults everywhere.

This wasn't a home run ball or a foul, just a simple toss into the stands from Thursday's Minnesota Twins-Kansas City Royals game. The young lady at the center appears ready — and excited — to catch it. Until the little guy swoops in and snags the ball before she can get her hands on it.

If the little kid had the negotiating skills of the kid who caught Yasiel Puig's first homer, he should have asked her to trade the ball for a kiss. Maybe in a few years, little dude.

BLS H/N: Deadspin

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