L.J. Hoes defends himself against teasing Twitter person

David Brown
September 24, 2013

As the Deadspin has noted, Houston Astros rookie L.J. Hoes provided a superior example of social media excellence Monday night on Twitter. After apparently being teased about his last name (the original tweet seemed to be deleted), @MRLJHOES2U got into it with @gracieefreeman and taught her an ABC Afterschool Special-quality lesson she won't soon forget:

"Now you know what it's like to get made fun of." That gets right to the core, there.

(Full disclosure: I have made, and certainly giggled at, jokes aimed at Hoes' name. It's not as easy to be flip once you realize, as Hoes says, there's a person with feelings behind the name. I hereby pledge, going forward, to stop.)

The best way to handle trolls, on Twitter or in the comments, is to ignore them. But when you're someone like Hoes — Mr. Hoes to us! — who probably has been teased every single day of his post-toddler life about his last name, saying nothing can get frustrating. Good on his part, avoiding profanity or personal putdowns and sticking to a reasonable comeback — shaming the person by noting her lack of followers. It's another way of saying "Why should I care what you say?"

If the person has a conscience, he/she will respond as @gracieefreeman did, contritely. She might even have made a new friend. Now you know, and that's always half of the battle.

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