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Kim DeJesus, wife of Cubs outfielder, rides out trading deadline with a strong drink

The Chicago Cubs are most certainly sellers during this year's trade season — that's meant Matt Garza, Alfonso Soriano and Scott Feldman all found new homes in July and many other current players were mentioned in trade scenarios this month.

Considering that, you can understand why Kim DeJesus, wife of Cubs outfielder David DeJesus, viewed the trade deadline as a looming threat. Her husband could have been sent packing. As a Chicagoland native, Kim was on edge.

So what's a baseball wife to do? Drink some wine, duh. "One more hour," she wrote when posting the following picture.

Lest you think Kim just drinks wine in an apron during the day, she was actually at a cooking-and-drinking event with other Cubs wives on Wednesday, indulging to calm her nerves.

But it's this video that seems to sum up the mood of the Cubs these days, doesn't it? Bottom's up.

Good news, Kim. The trade deadline has passed and David is still a Cub. Can we drink to that?

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