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Justin Verlander’s Super Bowl XLVI pick was perfect: Giants 21, Patriots 17

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Justin Verlander quarterbacked the Detroit Tigers to the ALCS. (AP)

Justin Verlander, is there nothing you can't do?

Verlander, the AL MVP and Cy Young winner who led the Detroit Tigers to the ALCS in 2011, completed a unique triple crown Sunday by correctly picking the winner and score of Super Bowl XLVI: New York Giants 21, New England Patriots 17.

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"Verlander" must be Dutch for "psychic."

Verlander actually gets another trophy for his clairvoyance — the 2012 Super Sage Award, presented by the Scripps Howard News Service. Every year since 1986, Scripps Howard has held a celebrity pick 'em contest, and Verlander was the only one among the 100-plus persons polled from the world of sports, entertainment and media to get the score and winner exactly right. The San Diego Chicken (Ted Giannoulas) won the contest a year ago.

As C. Trent Rosecrans noted at Eye on Baseball, a victorious Verlander was ready with his own touchdown dance on Twitter:

21-17 prediction #proudwinner

Although, by scrolling through Verlander's feed, which includes several observations on the Big Game and halftime show (Madonna was "tanking" before "killing it at the end"), you'll notice that Verlander issued a revised prediction about midday Sunday:

Giants 24-17

What the heck, man? Thankfully the betting window at Scripps Howard was closed.

So, which other celebs came close to Verlander's final?

Softball superstar Jennie Finch had the Giants winning 20-17, as did actor Dylan Walsh and artist LeRoy Neiman. Hulk Hogan (24-17) and Yogi Berra (23-20) also picked New York and came close on the score. NASCAR's Jimmie Johnson and "Batman" Adam West got the score right, but picked the wrong team to win.

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Now, to get Verlander's insight on the respective NBA and Stanley Cup champions-to-be...

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