Justin Verlander reveals the secret of his success to Conan: Taco Bell before every start

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Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander was one of Conan O'Brien's guests on Wednesday night and the reigning Cy Young winner acquitted himself well. In an offseason that's been woefully thin on baseball stars sitting in the late-night guest chairs, Verlander appeared on "Conan" to talk a little inside baseball — how he changed his approach in 2011, the speed of the changeup he threw A-Rod and the specifics of giving Don Kelly that hot foot in honor of Bert Blyleven last summer.

The best part, though, was when Conan asked Verlander about his rituals and the big right-hander responded  with a revelation that's sure to get him that coveted Taco Bell postseason sponsorship that Brian Wilson held this past October.

Here's how Verlander responded to Conan's inquiry:

Verlander: "The night before, as you can tell from my amazing physique, I eat Taco Bell."

Conan: "You eat Taco Bell the night before you pitch, every time?"

Verlander: (looks toward camera) "Yes, the night before every start. You're welcome, Taco Bell."

Conan: "It also results in your gameday diarrhea tradition."

Verlander: (laughing) "Right?"

Conan: (looks and points toward camera) "You're welcome, Taco Bell ... I'm curious, do you get a specific food at Taco Bell?"

Verlander: "Same thing every time. Three crunchy taco supremes, no tomato. Cheesy gordita crunch. And a Mexican pizza, no tomato."

Urp. That feast isn't the size of Tim Lincecum's usual order at In-N-Out, but I have to say that I'm much more likely to attempt eating a sack of double-doubles before tearing into Verlander's traditional run for the border.

Check out the clip below. The fine cats over at Bless You Boys also have more video of Verlander's appearance on "Conan."

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