Justin Verlander goes golfing, tweets ‘Happy Gilmore’ moment after wayward shot

Kevin Kaduk
November 26, 2012

File this one under #offseasonballplayerproblems. Detroit Tigers ace Justin Verlander was out playing a round of golf at Virginia's noted Kinloch Golf Club over the weekend when one of his wayward shots somehow found an annoying seat on top of a tree stump. Rather than pull out the hand wedge for a more agreeable lie, Verlander whipped out his smartphone and tweeted a picture of his unfortunate predicament to almost 300,000 followers.

That, of course, led to many a follower making a reference to Adam Sandler's 1996 golf classic "Happy Gilmore," specifically the part when tour foil Shooter McGavin lands a shot on the gargantuan foot of Mr. Larson (actor Richard Kiel, best known for playing Jaws in a few James Bond movies). That led to a tweet from the popular Shooter McGavin parody account reminding Verlander that golf has a rulebook for a reason

A fake avatar giving a Cy Young winner a rulebook interpretation on the golf course? Only on the Internet in 2012. And only a news story after a Thanksgiving weekend that was  slower than slow when it came to actual baseball news (thankfully).

Verlander never tweeted again on Sunday so we don't know if Verlander made like a tree and pulled off a Sergio Garcia at Medinah in 1999-type shot or if he got Shooter a nice warm glass of shut the hell up and fired the ball toward the hole with his rocket right arm.

Either way, I think we deserve an answer.

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