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Junior Lake slams his head into a metal Wrigley Field door, he's surprisingly OK

The fact that Junior Lake got up and walked back to the dugout Thursday after slamming his head into a metal door in the outfield at Wrigley Field was a surprise. After the game, he flashed a thumbs up to reporters and the Chicago Cubs said their young outfielder came way from the scary collision relatively OK. Even more surprising, considering how horrible this looked.

Lake slid trying to catch a ball hit into the gap by Ryan Zimmerman of the Washington Nationals and his head slammed into one of the metal doors in between all that ivy at Wrigley.

Lake's body immediately snapped back the other way, he made a face that looked like he was seriously hurt, then laid on the ground while teammates and medical staff attended to him. That was quite a blow to the head, one that at the very least should have left Lake foggier than the Chicago sky on Thursday night. But there was a second after he got up that looked like he wanted to get back in the game. 

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Right fielder Justin Ruggiano had an up-close view and after the game, he told reporters:

“He hit that thing really hard. There’s not really a safe place to hit out there. You guys just happened to be able to hear that one because it was the metal door. I’m pretty sure everyone in the stadium heard that.”

The Cubs have ruled out a concussion and don't expect Lake to go on the disabled list, according to Patrick Mooney of CSN Chicago, but he's not in the starting lineup Friday. Can you blame the guy? 

Lake has head and knee bruises to show for his bout with the metal door in Wrigley. He's also done well at proving his toughness.

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