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The Juice: Tigers, umps, Tribe (minus Sipp) live happily ever after

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Gather 'round, because it's time to recap the most recent diamond doings. Roll Call starts at Comerica Park, where they gave out happy endings like they're made of candy.

Game of the Day: Tigers 12, Indians 6

Well, that all wrapped up nicely, the whole Armando Galarraga(notes)/Jim Joyce almost-perfect game thing. Almost TOO nicely and almost-perfectly.

• Galarraga got a Corvette and deserved respect for how he handled the whole affair.

• Joyce saved some face and got some closure for pretty much the ugliest moment an umpire can have in a career. He even got an apology from that no-goodnik Gerald Laird(notes), one of the cowardly Tigers who bullied him on the field for the blown call.

Austin Jackson(notes) made another great catch to remind us of the ridiculous one that should have saved the perfect game the night before.

• Bud Selig even made a decision that I, uh, agreed with.

• The oil well finally got capped (not really).

• On a side note, David Huff(notes) even got back up on the horse after taking a liner off his head in his previous start. What the heck? I'm sorry, but the Gen-X'er in me needs some cynicism, here.

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OK, found some: Tony Sipp(notes) kicked the crap out of his own ERA.

In his past three appearances, he's pitched a combined one inning. His earned-run total? Eleven! He's allowed 11 earned runs — and four homers — in this collective "inning" from hell. His ERA has gone from 1.40 to 6.20. Whoa, Tony, whoa!

Talk about a guy who needs a hug! Catcher Lou Marson(notes) (right), do the honors. Like you mean it this time.

Phew. Didn't want to leave this series on such an up note. Way to jerk us all back into our sour perspectives, Tony.

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They Also Played

Braves 4, Dodgers 3: A heck of an about-face for the Braves, who've won nine straight and are in first place by three whole games after starting the season in misery and squalor. (Poetic, eh?) Also flipping his season/career is Troy Glaus(notes), a real brute but also one stray step from some kind of horrifically debilitating injury. ... The Dodgers would have gotten away with it if it weren't for that Medlen kid (Kris Medlen(notes), that is).

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Mariners 4, Twins 1: That makes three straight solid starts for King Felix Hernandez(notes) and four of five effective outings overall. Just to punctuate that he's "back" in a "Chuck Norris Facts" sorta of way, he struck out four guys in the eighth inning. ... Aay, Carl Pavano(notes)! You pitch-a-nice with el moustaccio, aay? Too bad you took the Luigi, aay? Nice-a-boy.

White Sox 4, Rangers 3: Hey, a well-pitched game for the Sox! The key to Freddy Garcia's(notes) success? Paul Konerko(notes) says it just might be loitering: "That's Freddy. He kind of just hangs around and then you look up and he's made a lot of good starts for you. He's got guts and he just knows how to pitch."

Carlos Quentin(notes) rebounded nicely from an embarrassing dropped fly ball, following up with a two-run homer in the eighth. White Sox baseball at its core.

Astros 6, Nationals 4: Well, nice of Carlos Lee(notes) to join the rest of us. The season starts in June now, didja know?

Yankees 6, Orioles 3: They say a definition of insane behavior is doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result. So, tell me: Why do the Orioles keep playing the Yankees?

Athletics 9, Red Sox 8: Don't Bogar all of those guys thrown out at home, dude.

Angels 5, Royals 4: When Zack Greinke(notes) starts, KC gets beat and it's not the bullpen's fault, I call it "Royals Progress."

Marlins 3, Brewers 2: Nice comeback story for left-hander Chris Capuano(notes), who hadn't pitched since '07 because of two seasons' worth of Tommy John rehab. But it's not too nice because the Brewers lost on cue.

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