The Juice: Rangers' backup Matt Treanor makes Marlins pay

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Gather 'round, because it's time to recap the most recent diamond doings. Roll Call starts at Sun Life Stadium (that's in Miami) where Matt Treanor(notes) didn't have an ax to grind with the Florida Marlins — but he did have a bat to swing against his old team.

Game of the Day
Rangers 3, Marlins 2

Matt Treanor, a reserve catcher, is not the first guy you'd consider to rescue the Rangers in the ninth inning. Josh Hamilton(notes), Vladimir Guerrero(notes), Mike Young, Elvis Andrus(notes), Ian Kinsler(notes) and perhaps 10 others come to mind, but it was Treanor on the spot with two outs.

With Texas down a run, Treanor lined the first pitch from closer Leo Nuñez off the wall in left center for a two-run, go-ahead, pinch-hit triple. He flipped them for real!

Watch the drama occur

Not bad for a guy who came in with a .218 batting average and a .674 OPS. Treanor's pinch hitting hasn't been any more prolific; he came in 3 for 17 with one RBI (that came six years ago). Ron Washington cares not for your puny statistics!

Most of those stats were accumulated with the Marlins, who released Treanor after the 2008 season. Oh, he'll be fine.

Not that Treanor was all vengeful afterward.

"I'm not a journalist, but I'd say 'elated,'" said Treanor, who broke in with the Marlins and played 321 games with them from 2004-2008.

"I had feelings," Treanor said. "I think anybody that has a chance to play their former team, they're always wanting to show them that 'Hey, I'm a quality player and I feel I deserve to be here.'"

Sounds like a nice guy. But, a Matt Treanor story would not be complete without mentioning that he is married to Olympic volleyballer Misty May Treanor. Their children would be genetic supermen! That is all.

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They Also Played ...

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Dodgers 12, Reds 0: Joe Torre hates Hiroki Kuroda's(notes) labrum! He allowed the right-hander to resume pitching after a 2 1/2 hour rain delay, apparently so he could go the requisite five and pick up the "W." Preposterific! It's not like the Dodgers recently incurred any injuries to their starting rotation, either (Chad Billingsley(notes)).

Tigers 7, Nationals 4: Ryan Raburn(notes) basically lapped his season's stats in one night. It's been a long year.

Athletics 9, Cubs 5: After making errors on consecutive plays (the Cubs had four total) former Gold Glover Derrek Lee(notes) (right) called his team's performance of "Single-A" quality. Fine, but do you have to denigrate Peoria like that?

Mets 7, Indians 6: The Mets are never going to get around to firing Jerry Manuel if they keep winning like this.

Yankees 8, Phillies 3: Cliff Lee(notes) wouldn't have allowed this to happen.

White Sox 6, Pirates 4: Never mind that (stuff), here comes Pedro Alvarez(notes).

Red Sox 6, D-backs 3: Fenway emptied in the fifth, reports say, so folks could scoot home and watch the Lakers dismantle the Celtics in Game 6 of the NBA Finals.

Royals 15, Astros 7: This "National League" ain't so tough, is it, K.C.?

Twins 9, Rockies 3: Is that you, Tolbert? Matt Tolbert(notes) has one more homer at Target Field (1) than does Joe Mauer(notes). Do with this information what you will.

Cardinals 4, Mariners 2: After his time with the Milwaukee Brewers ended so disastrously, you could almost see success coming for Jeff Suppan(notes) back in Saint Lou. One run allowed over four innings, plus a double and run scored in his Cards debut. He's been Dave Duncan'd!

Padres 8, Blue Jays 2: All Aaron Cunningham(notes) does is hit grand slams in his first at-bat with the Padres. ... I can't stop staring at Mat Latos'(notes) name. It's the one "T" in Mat. Also, all four Padres pitchers in this game have season WHIPs under 1.00. Sweet!

Brewers 7, Angels 1: One strikeout and no walks are not like Dave Bush(notes); neither is one run allowed over 7 1/3, frankly. Are we sure this was actually Dave Bush?

Orioles 4, Giants 1: The name is Dalton Jake Arrieta(notes).