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The Juice: C'mon, Milton Bradley says to the Mariners, get happy

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Gather 'round, because it's time to recap the most recent diamond doings. Roll Call starts at Safeco Field, where the Seattle Mariners and Milton Bradley(notes) are trying to swing — and hug — their way out a season-long funk.

Game of the Day: Mariners 5, Tigers 3

The M's rallied around Milton Bradley, and now he's helping them rally to actually win games. He hit a home run and later drove home the go-ahead run in the eighth inning against Justin Verlander(notes). So overjoyed, Bradley couldn't wait to celebrate with teammates. So he didn't wait.

During the ensuing pitching change, the one-of-a-kind slugger ran into Seattle's dugout and went down a bench row of giddy teammates who slapped his back and hands before he returned to first base.

"But the way I was feeling, I needed to share with my teammates," Bradley said. "It was a good feeling. I came through."

Whatever gets you through 162.

"Milton came off the base to give everybody a little love," manager Don Wakamatsu said, grinning. "He has the ability to ignite a club, we've said that before."

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The M's are still 17-28 overall and Bradley has a lot of repair work to do on his OPS, but the most recent results are uplifting. It's put a smile on the face of Chone Figgins(notes) (right) and on Bradley's.

"I was full of joy the whole day," said the mercurial, newsmaking slugger, who remains in counseling for emotional issues that he said had him thinking "unpleasant thoughts" — such as understanding why some people commit suicide.

Seattle's clubhouse has spent precious time circling the wagons around the likes of Bradley and Ken Griffey. Both of them have struggled to stay relevant while battling their own respective issues and demons.

When you win, happiness is bliss.

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They Also Played

Pirates 2, Reds 1: Upon reaching the eighth inning or later, the odds of Ryan Doumit(notes) hitting a home run go from apparently zero to, well, pretty good.

Indians 7, White Sox 3: Mitch Talbot(notes) outpitches Jake Peavy(notes), which leads Tribe manager Manny Acta to this funny back-door compliment: "That's what makes baseball such a great game. On any given day a guy like Mitch can beat a guy like Peavy."

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Giants 4, Nationals 2: The Giants considered skipping Todd Wellemeyer's(notes) turn in the rotation. Had they done it, the guy who started a four-run rally in the fifth would not have been in the lineup. Then there's the six strong innings. Sometimes, the best decisions are the ones you just let Steve Philips make.

Angels 8, Blue Jays 3: Ricky Romero(notes) might have been born in East L.A., but was beaten about the ERA and WHIP in Orange County.

Marlins 6, Braves 4: Atlanta tries especially hard to not score runs for Kenshin Kawakami(notes) and, as a result, he has not recorded a victory in his past 16 starts — going back to last season. He's 0-7 this season.

"The results are that I'm 0-7," Kawakami said, "so I just need to accept that."

Not if you first accept that WINS FOR PITCHERS ARE FOR SAPS.

Orioles 5, Athletics 1: Dave Trembley check. ... Yep, still here. ... So, I guess Coco Crisp(notes) came off the DL over the weekend? Yeah, well, he just said he's going back on it. ... Dallas Braden's(notes) ankle flared up on him. No need to amputate, so just keep the samurai sword where it is.

Mets 8, Phillies 0: How 'bout a knuckle sandwich? Appropriate for Philadelphia, which likes losing to the Mets about as much as it likes getting punched in the face. That's two straight losses to knuckler-tossing gents for the Philanderers — first Tim Wakefield(notes) and now, R.A. "Robert Alan" Dickey.

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Red Sox 2, Rays 0: There's no crying in baseball about the strike zone, Carl Crawford(notes) and Joe Maddon. Even if you're right and the umpire's a reactionary blind man.

Cubs 3, Dodgers 0: Rafael Furcal(notes) committed almost as many errors as the Cubs scored runs.

Rangers 8, Royals 7: The two homers were one thing, but check out this double by Vladimir Guerrero(notes), the physics of which look unlikely. The man has freakish hands.

Brewers 6, Astros 1: The Brewers proved they could go home again, and win, for the first time in nine games at Miller Park.

Twins 0, Yankees 0 susp. (rain — sixth): Ha, ha! Silly, domeless Twinkies all wet and soggy.

Rockies 3, D-backs 2: Jhoulys "Caesar" Chacin. My work here is done.

Padres 1, Cardinals 0: All the Cardinals had to do was put the ball in play with the bases loaded and one out in the first, and maybe Jon Garland(notes) doesn't go seven scoreless. Yeah, and maybe that undersea oil well caps itself in half an hour.

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