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The Juice: Berkman goes home to Houston, goes to town on Astros

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Nine innings, nine items to get you going. Ladies and gentleman of the Stew, take a sip of morning Juice.

1. V for victory, not Vendetta: Look at what Lance Berkman hath wrought on Minute Maid Park: Berkman hit one of his two homers, and the Cardinals dropped nine runs on the Astros in the sixth, on their way to an 11-7 victory.

Revenge? Nah, it's just ol' Lance.

"I don't think I could have expected or asked for a better return to Minute Maid Park than this," he said. "It's not like I was coming in here with a vendetta or something to prove, I just wanted to play well in front of my family. You always want to do well."

2. April sours: In the shortest start of his career, the Cubs' Ryan Dempster got one out and allowed seven runs in Arizona's 11-2 desert romp. Barry Enright wins a battle of gingers, the Cubs have dropped six of seven and Demp's ERA is 9.58.

"Thank God the month of April for me is over with," Dempster told the assembled media types.

3. Hold on to your dream: In his first start in 7 1/2 years, Giants right-hander Ryan Vogelson struck out eight and won, beating the Pirates 5-2.

4. Royal flushing: Prince Michael Piñeda rules, leading the Mariners to a 7-2 victory, and a three-game sweep, at Detroit. The Mariners! Sweep!

5. Zorilla beats chest, Twins: {YSP:MORE} Have a doubleheader for yourself, Ben Zobrist: 10 RBIs, 7 for 10 with two homers in Rays' 15-3, 6-1 erasures of Minnesota.

6. There's no "I" in team, but there is in "Ian": When's the last time you became a father and hit a home run in the same 72-hour period? Ian Desmond, have a cigar! Nationals 4, Mets 3.

7. Squeeze it: Congratulations to Corey Patterson for getting the squeeze bunt down. The Rangers had some major trouble fielding in the ninth inning, so quite frankly they deserved to lose 5-2 to the Blue Jays. I'm sorry. Way it is.

8. Gardner of Eden: The Yankees demolished the White Sox 12-3, finally sending the miserable lot of them home feeling miserable after a miserable road trip. Brett Gardner has hit all three of his home runs in the past six games.

9. Lester pesters B'more: I realize that pitcher's wins don't matter, but Jon Lester improved to 14-0 against the Orioles. That's an amazing coincidence, if nothing else. He hasn't lost in 17 career starts, the longest active streak for a pitcher against one team. Red Sox won 6-2.

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